Rock Your Workouts in Reebok Trainers

Revolutionary Reebok trainers literally rock your workout, stimulating and toning your muscles for dramatically improved results.

In the eighties, Reebok revolutionized athletic footwear and contributed to an unprecedented exercise craze, introducing training shoes made of glove-soft lambskin, light and flexible for dancing, stretching, and graceful movement. Every woman on earth either owned a pair of Reebok trainers or was saving up to buy a pair. Best of all, although they were soft as a baby's skin, Reebok trainers wore like they were made of stainless steel. Lots of well-loved and well-travelled Reeboks must have logged more than a million miles.

Now, capitalizing on breakthroughs in ergonomics, exercise physiology, and composite technology, Reebok footwear has launched another revolution in training shoes. In fact, athletes, coaches, and trainers credit Reebok with the biggest breakthrough since Nike developed the "waffle" sole in 1973. The new line of Reebok trainers maximizes the benefits of running, walking, and dancing, building and toning muscles while minimizing impact-injuries.

Reebok trainers intensify your workout.

Reebok engineers and orthopaedists have developed new Easytone, Runtone, and Zigtech trainers with extra cushioning and balance pods in the soles. Reebok says, "Air travels between the forefoot and heel pod, creating super soft cushioning. The moving air creates a natural instability and forces your muscles to adapt to the air volume within the pods." In other words, Easytone trainers create slight instability as you walk or jog, activating your leg muscles and glutes for more toning. Runtone trainers similarly trigger activation in calves and quads, building and toning muscles while reducing overall body stress. And Zigtech trainers have specially designed soles to propel your forward motion, making it easier to train longer with less stress.

Sceptics have worried, wondered, and written a great deal about the validity and reliability of Reebok's claims. Testing the shoes that served as the prototype for these Reebok trainers unique design, researchers found that physical therapy patients given balance-ball-inspired shoes for three months recovered faster than their counterparts who wore traditional walking and running shoes. In the carefully controlled and well-documented study, the "physiological" shoes strengthened the small muscles around participants' ankles, and their weight helped wearers burn more calories. In Reebok's own product tests at the University of Delaware, new Easytone trainers improved muscle tone in participants' glutes by 28%, and they increased strength and tone in hamstrings and calves by 11%. Testers frequently described walking in Easytone trainers as "just like walking in soft sand."

Reviewers love their new Reeboks.

Writing at , Krista gave her Easytone trainers five stars, exclaiming, "These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I don't feel like I'm getting a workout when I wear then, yet I have a bounce in my step that makes walking more fun. You just put them on and walk - cant get any easier!" She complained only that her pretty white shoes had grown a little dingy because she wears them everywhere and all the time. Similarly, Tammy exclaims, "These shoes really work!" And she goes on to say, "I've worn these shoes everywhere for the past 2 weeks, and I have already felt and noticed a tightening in my butt and legs." 100% of Reebok's website reviewers said they would recommend Easytones to their friends.