Law of Attraction Book Reveals the Certainty of the Law of Attra

Last night I watched a brief program with renowned speaker and performance consultant, Tony Robbins, and John Reese and Frank Kern, legendary internet marketing millionaires.

These three men are prime examples of the certainty of the Law of Attraction; they are evidence of its truth. John Reese, first known for generating a million dollars in 24 hours on the internet, talked about when he used to work at a video store. On breaks he'd read Entrepreneur Magazine and the Auto Trader. He'd tell people at the video store that one day he'd be driving a Porsche.

His boss told him that it was a "bad idea to set yourself up that way, you know, for failure." John chose to respond to his intuitive inner knowing instead of listening to his boss and others: if he could dream it, he could live it, he knew it.

He knew it.

And not too long ago, he drove back to that store to drop a video off while driving a Porsche. He said there were still people working in that store when he'd been working there a few years back at seven dollars an hour.

They asked him if it was his father's car.

All he said was "very unlikely."

And Frank Kern, is well, Frank Kern internet overachiever and internet marketing creative genius.

Some people are overachievers and they easily slide into working with the law of attraction as naturally as salmon swims to sea. Unknowingly, they unconsciously use its principles to achieve their dreams by:

Discovering their personal motivators



Getting a Ritual

Getting out of the way

Tony Robbins Outlined the Four Step Flow of Creation like this:

From certainty, from our beliefs, we empower our potential - to the good or bad

From our potential, we take action - we act upon - to the good or bad

From our action, we achieve our results (good or bad) which serves to reinforce

Our beliefs to the good or bad, which empowers our potential... oh we said that

It's all about choice. It's all about responsibility-not blame.

When you take responsibility, you are empowered to the good. When you take or place blame, you are empowered to the bad. It's all an energy flow, and it works to either end of the stick, negative or positive.

And the law of attraction is always on - you can never shut it off.